The Secret to Getting into the School of Your Dreams

Have you ever been frustrated about the entire college/graduate school application process? Ever wondered what you need to do to truly stand out from the masses of other applicants? Well, wonder no further! You have found the place to learn more about the secrets to success. In addition to the free information contained on this website, I am available for personal tutoring or application advice. You can read more about my qualifications below. Please contact me for further information.

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Di Ai was born in China and grew up in Canada and the United States. As an immigrant from a poor family, Di is intimately familiar with the challenges of learning a new language, adapting to a foreign culture, and navigating the complex system of college admissions. In high school, Di was named a National Merit Scholar, National AP Scholar, Ronald McDonald Scholar, and received both an IB Diploma and a gold medal in Physics at the National Science Olympiad. Di received a BS in Mathematics, BA in Economics, and BA in Statistics from the University of Chicago with honors, a MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, and a JD from Harvard Law School. He has previously worked in consulting, software engineering, and data analytics at Amazon and Google. He is currently an attorney at Latham & Watkins.

In his free time, Di has helped numerous students get into the school of their dreams by helping them ace standardized tests and put together compelling essays. Di was previously employed as a tutor and education consultant for Varsity Tutors, Cambridge Coaching, Cardinal Education, Wyzant, and Dyad (formerly known as ChaseFuture). His standardized test scores include a 2270 SAT (99th percentile), 175 LSAT (99th percentile), 770 GMAT (99th percentile), and 166 Verbal (97th percentile) / 169 Quant (96th percentile) GRE. Di has been admitted to Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, University of Chicago Law School, Duke Law School, NYU Law, Michigan Law, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, the Wharton School (MBA), Duke Fuqua, and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarship awards.

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